About J and J Vending

Vending is as old as civilization itself. In ancient time street venders exchanged the basic needs to a population anxious for fresh bread, fruits and vegetables. Vending stayed pretty much the same for 5 or 6 thousand years.

The industrial revolution in the late 1800’s brought with it the mechanization of just about everything, including vending. Although today’s vendors roots go deep into human history, it’s hard to believe the modern vending machines available today.

J & J Vending maintains the rich tradition by providing today’s workers with fresh sandwiches, pastries, snacks and soft drinks. J & J Vending provides that steaming cup of coffee in the morning and that frosty soda pop for an afternoon pick-me-up.

John Lance of Adair Oklahoma wants to be your vendor whether you need service for a few employees and thousands of workers. Call us at 918.813.1289 to start service today!

J and J Vending - Adair Oklahoma - John Lance